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About Leofix Shipping

Leofix Shipping and Courier Service located in Alexandria, St. Ann, offers freight forwarding and courier services to individuals, groups and companies (small, medium & large). The company aims to provide a safe, convenient and cost effective medium for online purchase as well as shipping and delivery, eliminating all the tedious process that comes with the shipping process (customs clearing etc.). We at Leofix
Shipping and Courier Service aims to please through our warm and inviting customer service, flexible delivery options, low shipping rates and transparency through package tracking. Choose Leofix Shipping and Courier Service and allow us to “move your packages across all borders”.

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Our Rates

Weight Rate Currency
1 LBS $850.00 JMD
2 LBS $1,200.00 JMD
3 LBS $1,600.00 JMD
4 LBS $1,900.00 JMD
5 LBS $2,100.00 JMD
6 LBS $2,300.00 JMD
7 LBS $2,600.00 JMD
8 LBS $2,800.00 JMD
9 LBS $3,000.00 JMD
10 LBS $3,250.00 JMD

Note items over $50.00 USD are subject to customs duties

Frequently asked questions

How long will it take for my package to be delivered?

A package delivery should take a minimum of 3-5 days providing that there are no delays with shipment or clearance of goods. Where there is a delay an update will be given.

How many packages can I ship at a given time?

There are no limits on the number of package a customer can ship in a particular shipment. However, one should bear in mind that there is a charge on each package (individual).

Can I return an item?

An item can be return if it was damaged through transit, ONLY on the basis of that of the company. However, if an item is received and customer is not satisfied with how it looks, this will not be accepted for return by the company.

If I cancel an order and will there be a charge?

An item can be cancelled before it has been shipped (which can be done on the company’s website). Once an item is shipped the order can be cancelled when it reaches the local shipping company. Yes there will be a charge (shipping fee), however one will not be required to pay deliver fee.

How can I be sure that what I ordered is what I will get?

Customer will be able to track packages from they are shipped by the supplier until the package is delivered. An image of the package ordered as well as name and or code will be provided. Packaged will also be sorted and tagged whenl they reach the international warehouse to be shipped locally as well as when they reach the local warehouse. These packages are handled by trust worthy personnel employed by the freight and warehouse organizers .

When is customs duty charged?

Customs fees are charged on items that value USD 50.00 and over.

What are restricted items?

Toy Guns, Pepper Spray, Weapons (including Swords, Guns, Ammunition), Radar Detectors, Unprocessed Meat, Live Animals, Firecrackers, Explosives, Lighters and Matches, Camouflage, Cash. Go to www.jacustoms.gov.jm for the complete list.

What is Leofix’s delivery fee?

Delivery fees vary by location as well as type of delivery (door to door or central point drop off). Please contact us for more information.

Do I need to provide an invoice for my package?

YES! An invoice is required to declare to Jamaican Customs the contents and value of each item entering the country.